A New Perspective, A New Place to Discuss It

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A New Perspective

This letter is a personal plea to all of my colleagues in professional psychology, to notice and take appraisal of what is happening in the philosophy of science and metaphysics in the world of science.  A gigantic paradigm shift is trying to take place in science, and hence in the world at large.  It necessarily involves a deep shift in philosophy as well as scientific method.  The theoretical foundations of reality are shifting beneath our feet, and this holds great promise for healing the negativity, racism, hate and destruction in our society. The change is in the way we understand reality itself.  Materialism/physicalism is dead as a metaphysical basis for reality.   The materialistic metaphysic of classical science does not even acknowledge that consciousness exists; it considers mind as simply the machinations of the brain; it does not consider subjective experience to be legitimate (or real); and it cannot accommodate quantum mechanical phenomena.  Materialism fails utterly